About Arduino Programming

​Arduino​ is a programmable micro controller in which a student can learn skills such as problem solving, math modeling, and scientific reasoning.

This year-long program is a STEM-based program that focuses on computer programming a micro-controller. Students will learn about technical drawing, math logic, application scientific methods, and problem-solving. Students will learn the skills to build an object avoiding rover in Semester 1 and build the rover in Semester 2.

We are excited about the opportunities for students to learn new skills and participate in hands-on opportunities that teach the skills that employers are looking for in today’s economy: problem-solving, logic, and teamwork.


There are limit of 10 students for this opportunity, so sign up online now.

If you are interested, please fill out the online form.

Year-Long Program Cost

Program Cost: See Course Fees page for cost.


Material Cost & Tech Fee: $175/year

  • Due before class starts

Pay by Semester or set-up a payment plan!

Lesson 1

Sample Syllabus & Lesson

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