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Our programs are very unique and differ from any other school. Here is an overview what we do, how we do it, why we do it and what each student can expect to walk away with.

We teach World Language classes in a total immersion setting: Spanish, French, German and Arabic

Each student will have time with their teacher to practice the language. We believe that if the student doesn't have the opportunity to practice the language, they will not become proficient in oral language development. Our face-to-face course is taught 90% in the target language and we focus on ensuring the student is speaking 70% of the time. We also incorporate faith integration and learning. We believe it is important to create global perspectives through biblical truths.


Our teachers are native to the language that is being taught. They understand all components of the language and its culture. Our teachers are also from around the globe - they live in North America and overseas to provide the best learning opportunity for our students.


All courses are aligned with state standards and focus on the 4'c of language learning. Our curriculum consists of two parts: 1. EMC student account (student text book, work work, e-readers and more) 2. Teachers develop their own lessons for each face-to-face class and is cross-curricular. Most of all, our staff believe in making the class fun and enjoyable.

To take global perspectives and language and culture learning opportunities a step further, we offer total immersion over the summer where students and teachers spend 3-4 weeks overseas. Ultimately, we want our students to become global thinkers and doers. 

As a student, you will walk away with confidence in speaking the language, understanding its culture, as well as reading and writing the language. 

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