Language Programs

High School Readiness


Our high school readiness program is designed to help you become proficient (increase your depth of knowledge) in a language. Components of a unit include:

  1. Speaking (Reading & Communication)

  2. Listening (Comprehension)

  3. Grammar (Writing)

  4. Culture

  5. Core content (Social Studies, Math, Science)

These standards align with the World Language Standards.


All Students will receive a student account in which they can access supplemental material to work on at home and where student work is graded.


College Readiness


Our college preparatory courses are designed to increase your depth of knowledge in speaking. It will also help you with grammar, reading and writing. 


Our college classes are tailored to your needs. Speaking in the target language is at the forefront of every lesson. 


Leisure Language Lessons


Anyone who wants to learn a language and does not want to become proficient for a high school or college class


In our informal language learning program, you will focus on speaking. Our classes will equip you to master the spoken language while helping you to read and write. 

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